Level Indicator
Local and Wireless

Level your Travel Trailer, Motorhome, or Food Truck.
NEW!  LED Indications and Bluetooth 4 for iPhone and Android Apps.

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The RV LEVEL is a tool to help you level your RV, Travel Trailer, Mobilehome, Food Truck, etc.
LED's for instant visual feedback.
Wireless with an App for more details, features, and configuration options.  

The RV LEVEL 4 is the latest in the evolution of one of the most useful RV Leveling Tools.

The RV LEVEL 4 has an LED display so you can use it by itself, without a remote App.

The RV LEVEL 4 has Bluetooth 4.0 so it works with both iPhone and Android devices.



The RV LEVEL 4 is all new hardware which includes a 5x5 LED display and Bluetooth 4.0 so it's compatible with both Android and iPhone Apps.  It can be use stand-alone by viewing the LED's to see which side is LOW, or launch the App for more features and configuration to calibrate and change the tolerance of the LED's (making it more/less sensitive). The RV LEVEL 4 can be used on it's own with just the LED display.  A button on the lid is provided for calibration so the App is Not Necessary.  

Powered by Micro USB Cable (included) and power source (not included).   Works with the RV Level Android App available on Amazon and in the Play Store, and the RV Level iPhone App.

The firmware in the hardware can be upgraded by the user via a PC,  in case there are any problems we need to fix or features we want to add in the future.




The RV LEVEL Micro is the same as the Original RV LEVEL but without the internal 12v power supply. This one plugs directly into a USB power port for it's 5v power, making is smaller and easier to install without the need to hardwire to 12v. You can purchase an external 12v to USB Micro adapter if you still only have 12v available.  Works only with the RV Level Android App.




The Original RV LEVEL. It is powered by 12v and is Bluetooth 2.0 and works with the RV Level Android App. 



RV LEVEL 4 - USB Powered

Install your RV LEVEL on the floor or wall (not upside down) with the arrow on the cover pointing Forward (not up or down, but a little tilt is okay, it doesn't have to be perfect).  I find a floor or counter surface works best for sensitivity sake, the higher up it is the more sensitive to changes it becomes but also provides better signals strength to reach the tow vehicle.  The unit should be secure so it won't move, even a little movement makes a large difference along the length of the RV.  The RV LEVEL is so light that double-sided tape or a couple screws is all it takes.  Screws will certainly provide more reliable support for consistent readings, especially during temperature fluctuations. 

Plug in power with any standard Micro USB power cord and power supply.  The RV LEVEL is a 5v device.  You may need a power converter if you only have a 12v source.  There are no batteries.  You can un-plug your RV LEVEL when you are not using it, it will remember your last calibration points.  Power consumption is typically less than 20ma.  Upon power-up you will see the Version and current Tolerance value displayed (V1.2 T0.2).  The Tolerance can be adjusted via the App by HOLDing the LEVEL button and adjusting the "Level Indication Tolerance" (while connected to the unit).

You can calibrate (set Level) the unit once you have it secure by pressing and holding the button in the hole on the cover for a few seconds.  Calibration can be performed any time you like.  The LED's light up at .2 degrees intervals (Tolerance) by default.  One light indicates .2 dgreees or more, two lights indicates .4 degrees or more (adjustable with App).  On my 22' Trailer this translates to about 1/2 inch on a 9' wide Trailer.  The center light is always on, other lights turn on in the direction of the LOW side (the lights roll down hill).  The above image would indicate the back and left sides are low by at least .4 degrees (almost an Inch in my case).  You can also calibrate using the App by HOLDing the LEVEL button (Android App, go to Tool button on iPhone App and scroll to bottom of screen) and selecting "RESET LEFT-RIGHT" and "RESET FRONT-BACK".  Using the button on the unit to calibrate does not change the Tolerance value.

Launch the App and select SCAN FOR HARDWARE from the ? screen or Find NEW... from the select menu to get started (Andorid App, just touch Scan on the list on the iPhone App).  

If you don't have an RV LEVEL yet, try out the App using your phones devices built-in sensor to see how it all works (Android App Only).

If you don' thave an iPhone or Android, the unit still works on it's own.  You can still use it until you get an Android or iPhone or iPod Touch.


Phone and Table Friendly iPhone and Android Apps

The Apps provide remote monitoring of your levels.  With portrait and landscape views and customizable images of your RV.  The App can be used to calibrate and adjust the display sensitivity and also the tolerance of the LED's on the hardware, which is stored in eeprom so it won't lose the calibration data when powered off.  Each iPhone or Android devices does Not need to be calibrated since that information is stored in the RV LEVEL 4.

The current RV Level Android App in the Play Store is compatible with ALL models of RV LEVEL hardware.  

The RV Level iPhone App in the App Store is compatible only with the RV LEVEL 4 hardware.

The RV LEVEL 4 is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

ALL RV LEVEL enclosures are 3D Printed.  The RV LEVEL and majority of the RV LEVEL Micros were printed with ABS plastic.  The RV LEVEL 4 is printed using PLA plastic.  The enclosures are NOT weatherproof and should be mounted Inside the RV.  You can put it inside a weatherproof enclosure if you need to mount it outside.

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Free iPhone App
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Uses Phone or Tablet

Use your Phone or Tablet to watch your trailer levels from anywhere around your RV.  If properly installed, you should be able to watch your levels from the tow vehicle while parking and driving.

Level Parking Assistant

Watch your left-to-right level while parking to minimize necessary adjustments and know exactly how much to raise or lower a side.  If you don't plan to disconnect, then you'll also know exaclty how un-level you will be (usually 1/2" isn't to noticeable).  Moving forward and back few inches when parking can make a big difference when it comes minimizing adjustments.

Save your Hitch Height

Save your Hitch Height before disconnecting so you know exactly how much to raise the trailer when you are ready to re-connect.

Watch for Sway while Driving

Drive button allows you to watch the side-to-side angular velocity of your trailer to help identify a sway problem.  You may also notice other unusual forces possibly indicating a problem like a flat tire.

The RV LEVEL 4 is Bluetooth 4.0 so it's compatible with both iPhone an Android devices.

An Internet connection is not necessary for the App to work.  The App talks directly to the RV LEVEL unit via Bluetooth.  Of course the RV LEVEL 4 has a display so it also works without an App at all.

Audible Alerts in App

Audio speech and tones to let you know which side to raise or lower.  Speech prompts will even tell you exactly how many inches/centimeters.

About MadeByJoe

I've always thought we should have a wireless level indicator for our Trailer, but couldn't find one that worked the way I wanted or as well as I wanted, so I in 2016 made my own.  It worked well and reliably so I started making more of them and selling them on Amazon.com.  Since the start, I've changed from a 12v hard-wired version to a USB powered version.  And now the latest version has LED's built-in so it works for a local level as well without the need to start an App.  I like details so I like to use the App for more precision and the other features.  The latest version also supports Bluetooth 4.0 so now I can get an iPhone app out there for it.  I hope you enjoy using the RV LEVEL's as much as I enjoy building them for you and hearing your feedback and suggestions.  Any idea is a good idea, and many customer suggestions have already been implemented.  I know nothing is perfect, there is always room for improvement.  Thanks for trying it out and even more for sharing your experience.



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